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How do potential clients perceive your brand?

Branding is one of the most important fundamentals of your business and without it you will fade into the crowd.  Your branding is either enabling you to grow or tiring you down with the rest.  Making your brand an asset to your business is essential for growth and also gives your business edge.  

Build your brand to attract your ideal client. Your brand speaks to your potential clients and gives them a unique experience, exclusivity and they will talk about it!  Have you ever spent loads of money on ads and they are generating the wrong kind of leads?  

To help you achieve the perfect aesthetic for your brand I create custom artwork that is scroll stopping.  We all know how having a brand strategy is important to help get your message across.  

If you are looking for social media illustrations, custom artwork for you personally or digital art for your website you are where you need to be.  

I provide the following services to my clients:

Exclusive Artwork 

Non-Exclusive Artwork

Licensed Artwork for Commercial use

Personal Artwork for gifts

Social Media Artwork for Small Business 

Exclusive Artwork

I create artwork that is designed just for your brand. This means that it will have your logo on it and you are free to use it on your website and social media accounts to promote your brand.  Prices for exclusive artwork *starts at £35 per illustration depending on the detail required.  I provide 3 free alterations to artwork to get it perfect just for you.  Custom pieces are a great way to drive your brand.


Non-Exclusive Artwork

These Packs have been designed to help you save time.  They are easy to use from your phone or import into canva so you can add your own text to them.  I have packs for instagram stories and they are all delivered in PNG. format. They are perfect for keeping things fresh and in line with your branding and great if you have budget restrictions.  These can be purchased and used by anyone and will have my copyright watermark on them.  Click Here to Purchase


Licensed Artwork for commercial use.

Please get in touch if you would like to have custom illustrations created for commercial use or use any of my existing illustrations for commercial use. 


Personal Artwork for Gifts.

Personalised artwork is a great gift for occasions like birthdays, graduations, Christmas etc.   Personal illustrations *start at £25. Please do get in touch for more options. 


Social Media / Website Artwork for Small Businesses

I have Packages available for businesses that would like to work with me on a monthly basis. You need to provide your own reference images & quotes or for an additional fee I will do research and use my own from free stock images.

Gold Package - *from £300 per month

8 Exclusive custom made illustrations in your brand colours inc your logo

Glow Package - *from £650 per month

18 Exclusive custom made illustrations in your brand colours inc your logo

*depending on the amount of detail required 

Let's Work Together

I would love to know all about your brand, how it was born and what it is that motivates you, your goal for your business and what it is that you hope to accomplish with your branding, what is your brand message.

Share as many visual aspects of your brand with me as you can, your brand colour palette, theme or even a pinterest board with your most loved imagery and quotes. 

Creating consistency in your brand not only helps you look more professional but it also helps potential clients to recognise your brand because it sets you apart from your competitors. 

I can't wait to hear from you, so get in touch and we can discuss and be exited together.  once we have communicated all the details of your expectations I can provide you with a quote.

My current turnaround time is up to 14 days to completion. 


50% deposit is required for orders over £500 and the remainder on completion

All other custom artwork is paid upfront.

Have any questions?

Please do not hesitate to contact me. I would be happy to discuss your requirements and answer any questions you may have.




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